The Ridgeway in Wiltshire: an interactive project inspired by the photographs of Fay Godwin

5 ‘public’ walks target 7 people taking part December 2011 to April 2012
The walks are promoted virally and span the research and development phases

These walk dates are early project milestones. Gathering sounds and images on each walk. There may be other walks by other contributors. Individuals with images are invited to contribute.
Saturday May 5 - Monday May 7: Full moon on Sunday. Uffington White Horse to Liddington Castle, possibly further.

Sunday April 29: Beta version of app test with some Avebury elements loaded
Monday April 23: Test elements of app with Ali based at Avebury
Tuesday April 17: Extended Avebury loop with Ali Pretty defining possible locations for seeding sounds and thoughts in the app ahead of her walk in June.
Monday April 9 Easter/Pesach Full Moon on 6/4. Uffington White Horse to Liddington Castle
cancelled due to bad weather
Thursday April 5; very nearly full moon. Evening circular walk from Avebury
Tuesday March 20 Spring Equinox morning walk to Fyfield Down up Ridgeway from the Sanctuary at Overton
Friday 9 March
Circular walk from Avebury cancelled due to cloud cover

Sunday 12 Feb

Avebury to top of Marlborough Downss and Alton Barnes white horse
Walk with Ali Pretty recce for Salisbury International Festival commission

Sat Jan 21

Liddington Castle to Barbury Castle
Registered this on walk4life and the route is here

This is the next major section in Wiltshire almost from the point it crosses the M4 as far as Barbury Castle: on this walk we will again recce locations and define key points for image clusters and soundscapes. I dont plan to do the detour to the site of the medieval village of Snap recorded in the Godwin/Anderson in the book.
Meet 0800 at Liddington Castle
Pick up walkers at 0730 from small bit of off road parking at start of Railway path. Just off junction of road called the Ridgeway and A346. The road called The Ridgeway is not the ancient track! Return car from Barbury Castle confirmed.

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Its about 10 miles walk.Wrap up warm!

Thursday Dec 22 Winter Equinox
link to information about the solstice time
the solstice actually takes place very early in the morning at 05.30
link to sunrise and sunset times
Sunrise is at 08.11 Setset at 16.03

On this walk we will recce location and define key points for image 'clusters' and soundscapes.
Additional dates in January (tba) to complete route in Wiltshire possibly beyond to Uffington and define all key points

Research phase: Dec to Feb

  • background research:
  • the Fay Godwin images
  • define key 'points' and establish OS and GPS points and names
  • the story of the Ridgeway
  • alert possible collaborators..appeal to artists, photographers, walkers etc

Web development:
  • set up wiki as closed but public project home and store, for future development as webpage
  • check G3 signal at County Hall and Ridgeway
  • evaluate and decide on platform: Flickr/Panoramio/Picassa
  • set up and test location aware app
  • set up and test Flickr/Panoramio/Picassa photostream as slide show engine
  • set up and test web based audio delivery

  • Review requirements and process: file types, sound types etc
  • Define audience experience
  • Identify platforms for distribution for installation audience

Development and testing phase Feb to April
  • Gather images, by hand and remotely
  • Link to Flickr/Panoramio/Picassa photostream
  • Curate and tag images to key locations
  • Test flickr stream from remote uploading and inclusion as slide show
  • Gather sounds
  • Produce sound scapes for each location
  • Develop and test location aware app
  • Back up to DVD

Delivery Phase: May to July
  • Location aware app published
  • Installation app linking photo to soundscapes published
  • QR codes published and supplied to County Hal for installation
  • Flickr based slideshow operational
  • DVD back up published
  • Wiki information transferred to public webpage at Creative Wiltshire
  • Map published
  • Installation at County Hall

Sustainability Phase: post County Hall installation
  • The photostream can be added to and will continue until it is taken down.
  • The QR links will remain in place until the link is taken down or the audio files are taken down.
  • The location aware app will continue until it is taken down.

Each walk gathers sounds and images.
Photographers are invited to contribute photographs, geo tagged and location name tagged to a flickr group.
Images are also collected by the team and posted to the flickr group.

Sounds are collected by the group for editing by the sound design team.
Sound scapes will be posted to the webpage

The location aware app will be developed and tested during the period of the ‘public’ walks. This app will provide access to soundscapes at the key points on the walk and an audio invitation to contribute to the project.

In this development phase we will explore the possibility of sound artisits contributing additional soundscapes.
Photographers will continue to be invited to contribute to the photostream and this will be tested in May and June ahead of the installation.

The curating team will monitor new photographs on the stream and take measure to ensure that the stream is secure during the installation