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30 May
Accoustic Avebury
I'd heard stories of the playing of prehistoric instruments, finally tracked it down. Fascinating website. Note exactly prehistoric instruments, I'd got it into my head that some instruments had been found like the little bone fultes and whitsles in the museum... but certainly some atmospheric sounds. Steve Marshall has agreed for us to use these in the app.

April 24
Scanned the images from Great Cherverell primary school. Wonderful stuff. I will make a section and post to Flickr
Morning out walking from Avebury last week with Ali Pretty, Caitlin (?) and Adrian Crocker developing the connection with the Walking Wiltshires White Horses. Good talking with Adrian, gathered some voice talk from him. Exploring themes of time, energy and space with the aim of seeding the app for Ali's whitehorse walks in June.

Amazing acoustics inside the West Kennet Long Barrow, back again there yesterday with Adrian from some pick up talk. Will edit and post to Soundcloud as a starter.

April 10
Catching up in the sunshine which followed yesterday's rain dampening any enthusiasm for an Easter Monday walk. Have pushed that out to the May Bank holiday weekend which includes a full moon too! Lot of tidying here and now the wiki goes public.

Full moonwalk out of Avebury up the here path, sun trying to give a decent send off to the day but slowly disappearing behind the clouds in the distance. The edge go the downs and the pillar above the Cherhill WhiteHorse standing up dark silhouette. As we walked up and out of the village there were deer on the slope below one of the clumps of beeches then two hares bouncing around and finally leaping off over the brow of the hill. Across the ridgeway and into the strange fields of stones, in the half light not quite sunset not quite moonrise they looked like sleeping cows or parts of whales breaking through the surface of the turf. Cold, clammy,almost fleshy rock in the field, responding interestingly to the colour of the flash. To a small hill with stunted trees and straggly branches wriggly reaching out to the horizon. At last a glimpse of the moon through the clouds. Distant pheasants calling. On the way back we met other walkers coming towards us shapes in the distance become familiar voices and then faces. Looking back we again see moon full and bright, sharp shadows before the cloud sweeps over again. Silhouetted trees curving over the the barrow curve below. Darkness again whilst eyes adjust. Finally back into the village, we hear the voices and see the flames of another celebration around the stones..full moon or maybe everyday. The lights and the tvs were on in the cottages, no curtains, we looked in as we looked on at the shapes illuminated by the stones beyond. Felt like we had stepped sideways for a few moments. To the pub for a pint.

found this link:
sound files a musician has created from all along the Ridgeway..currenty checking them out.
all a bit guitar strummy folky but maybe use somas placeholders at least to locations on the app/map
File size is indeed becoming an issue. Its got to be loops and short voicers.

March 26
Meeting at Salisbury International Arts Festival with artist Ali Pretty and Maria Bota we agreed to explore sharing assets and to cross promote flickr and sound cloud. Loads of cross over around Avebury which could lead towards some kind of dedicated Avebury location aware app. Ali is walking the White Horses in June and I will support asset gathering on on of those days to help generate a legacy of the project. A lot of this is along the Ridgeway and very timely.

Then onto return trip to Holy Trinity School a glorious drive across the edge of the plain and through Wiltshire countryside. The children had really come up trumps, even the tines had managed to create some really moody stuff picking up on she of the darker spirt coming out of the Fay Godwin pics. Peter need not have worried. Talented kids supported by talented teachers. Hopefully when this goes up there will be other schools looking to add material in.
Some audio editing to do and a load of scanning! Still havent edited up David's stuff yet.

March 22
Site visit at County Hall or very near. White knuckle ride across Wiltshire arriving late but all seems to be falling into place. Some concerns about security around access to the flickr feed, we can work on that. Very positive response from gathered officers. Looks like we'll have the website and flickr slideshow available for testing from late April/May. I want to test out a SoundCloud feed so that people can load sounds from the Ridgeway and maybe even offer soundscapes for use in the app.. Free wifi hotspot at County Hall...result!

March 20
Morning out above Avebury with David Vaughan archaeologist. Fascinating and rewarding session. Surprised a hare which ran off zigzag startled across the ploughed chalk. March hare. Got to be a good one that. Recorded some samples of talk to try out in the app.
Looks like file size is going to be a big issue, maybe we will have to produced several...?

Feb 8
Full moon walk at Avebury cancelled to much disappointment. Cloud cover and no moon would have been pointless.

Feb 6
Excellent day out at Holy Trinity Primary schoolat Great Cheverill with Peter Riley curator of the Creasey Collection in Salisbury. Peter is the man who looks after the Fay Godwin prints and he brought a selection with him. It felt like a showing of holy relics, especially in a school wearing its religious status so publicly. We were showing relics of another age of photography and somehow they seemed even more powerful in this context. Peter tried to tell them something about the process by which they were made, but getting to the heart of that was a bit like explaining alchemy so second time around we cut to the chase of the images.The children gazed in awe but I wasn't sure if this also had something to do with us telling them how special the prints were. The entire school got a viewing, down to the tiniest reception children and even they recognised the Avebury stones. In the afternoon I worked with some of the older children and am going back to collect images and stories later in March.

Feb 27
Detailed conversation with Aneta Gorka Creative Wiltshire webdesigner about plans for the installation and app.
Website is now under construction to host slide show. Briefing music technology students on soundscapes required later this week. Planned night walk in the hope of catching some full moon light at weekend. Walk either Friday 9 or Saturday 10 March sunset onwards from Avebury carpark.
Content gathering now for installation and further development of app.

Feb 12
walk4 life link:

Walking today in cold and shades of white blurring the lines of the horizon, from Avebury to the downs at the top of the Pewsey vale . Suddenly it all just ends in an elephant hide like texture of steep slope down to the straight tractor track white lines of the prarie fields. Out of the NT carpark and around Silbury Hill like a huge christmas pud dusted in icing sugar, up to West Kennet long barrow where finally the 3G connected with some spooky sounds as planned. Clearly some issues with 3G in the weather, not sure if was the low cloud/fog or atmospheric condition.Later and higher on the ridgeway and walking along waysdyke all the samples kicked in as planned and at precisely the right place. Stunning views over snow encrusted landscapes.Protected from the cold sharp wind but the greg bank and ditch of the wansdyke. Didn't realise it was such a huge earthwork. Talking about the whitehorses an the planned illuminations with Ali and Maria. All sorts of good synergies. Back at Avebury Mike and I went out the Devils Den just below the fields of greywethers, apparently a bit of a reconstruction ..... but then how many of these standing stones have been stood up? Talking and thinking about what we have forgotten and what we remember over hundreds of lifetimes...and so much of that learned in the doing and the talking and singing..... generation to generation. Only recently knowledge passed on in writing and only so very recently passed on in forms widely accessible. The ancient know how of fire and making metal from stone survives but why Avebury, Silbury Hill, Stonehenge...?

Finally saw the Fay Godwin prints again. Its been a long time I think I saw them years ago in an exhibition in Swindon and yes there are some shots by moonlight at Avebury! The scans here and the prints in the book do nt do them justice. Like seeing old freinds again.
Peter Riley who looks after the Creasey Collection is on board and we will be doing a bit of a show and tell at a primary school in Devizes in March.
Also spoke to David Vaughan from the County Archeaological Team who is also up for the project, the plan is to record something on site on the walk day in March. Exploring themes around greywethers stones, the old track itslef and the stands of beeches.
Planning walk now for Feb 12

Sunday 22 Jan
Walked the section from Liddington Castle to Barbury Castle. Picked up photographer Laura at the car park at the top of the old railway path, memories of an early job working with Richard K, Paint the Town Green, and really miserable hedgecutter. Arrived at Liddington just before dawn hard cold wind blowing from the west but thankfully no rain.
The wind blew hard all day...the clumps of beeches roared and in the old hedges stick squeaked and shrieked against each other. Cross that I didnt remember to pick up a sound recorder.
The Calvium app worked fine, especially well with the leaving the zone code working. Commentary and sound scape will work brilliant. Checked out some poetry that too will be good it the right poem. Zones and drones.
Sun came out in the ridge above Snap low sun long shadows intense colours caused a photo frenzy.
Stopped for a coffee in a former pub at Ogbourne St George
Up onto Smeathe's Ridge looking back across the Chiseldon valley to Liddington Castle. Great brooding greyblack sky, inky band of storm cloud and white sheep walking in lines on the green. Bob's spot. Wonderful. Inspiring! And MLK was still on Barbury Castle.

Photos up shortly on Flickr
Mike Johnston's Photos on Flickr

Sunday 15 Jan
Registered on walk4life and put the Liddington to Barbury section in...see what happens!
Planning this walk for Sat 21 Jan.
Site visit to County Hall in Trowbridge earlier this week to see work underway on remodelling. Potentially beautiful atrium space nearing completion, 2 places for screens for the photo installation, one near the entrance to the library and the other to the Registry Office. Free wifi hotspot promised. This work will go up with installation sculpture by Tania Kovacs, heres a link to a work similar to what she is planning to do for the remodelled County Hall:

Tuesday 3 Jan
This looks interesting
maybe make some links to this and use twitter to connect?

Posted photographs to Creative Wiltshire flickr account and testing out tags using my own account.
Creative Wiltshire flickr account
Set up a Flickr group for this project.
Can't get Picassa to work on my old nonIntel mac?
Uploaded Fay Godwin image thumbnails here and tidied up.
Downloaded audio files to lap top...a lot of wind noise.
The appfurnace worked well with GPS fairly good throughout the walk so we now need to develop content, audio being the most obvious form as even with the iPad I was not that interested in looking at it. Maybe for a virtual walk images would be interesting. Need to work on the code. In the landscape this unobtrusive delivery method has loads of potential from providing a creative experience to interpretation and orientation. So excited that it actually worked! RW

Thursday 22 December
Dark cold and wintry in the Avebury carpark. Muddy white and wet getting from one cart to another. A handful of solstice watchers. Everyone said the walk would be a killer and I came supplied with enough mince pies and other energy packed goodies for a full on mid winter feast. In the end it was a very pleasant stretch of the legs from Barbury Castle to the Sanctuary at Overton, gathering pictures and sounds. Moving off from Barbury in the pre-dawn gloom and up to the first spot where magically the appfurnace app kicked in as the 3G GPS on the iPad worked. So I had a strange and magical walk remembering kiteflying and kite chasing at Barbury from another life ago, talking with old friends and new and discovering this wonderful high chalk downlands country slowly taking shape from the mist in the low morning sun. At each of the preset GPS points the random MP3 files I had found on my computer burst into life...everything from horn fanfares to Martin Luther King's 'I have a dream' speech and the Grateful Dead!

We arrived thinking more about elevenses than lunch high above Avebury and began the long slow descent to the Sanctuary. The sun was still low and the old stones on Fyfield Down looked mysterious, one close up to the track covered in moss glowed gold. I was struck with the way that the top of Silbury Hill was visible from the whole length of that section of the track and thought again about a Theoretical Architecture reference I had been given. Much speculation about all of that and more over a picnic near the Sanctuary. Good walk. Thanks. RW

Thursday 22nd December

Andy and I drove along the route of the Roman Road, crossing the River Thames as it seeped out of the gravels and clays. We headed south out of Gloucestershire into Wiltshire's chalk downs. Headlights led us through the surrounding blackness towards our rendezvous at the Iron Age Fort where we would journey along an even older route, deep into our pasts, full of wonder for our ancestors and the landscape they have left to us.

Over Barbury Castle the sun rose at 8.14 as far as we could tell. Looking north, Swindon's street oranges were fading to greys. Looking south, the landscape was gradually appearing, stretching away, turning corners, revealing hills and coombs, greens and more greens; the space measured into the distance by beech clumps while the transition between night and day was measuring back and forwards in time as a new year emerged from the shadows and we began to walk.

Richard Keating

Thursday Dec 22 Winter Equinox
link to information about the solstice time
the solstice actually takes place very early in the morning at 05.30
link to sunrise and sunset times
Sunrise is at 08.11 Setset at 16.03

currently looking dry