Fay Godwin and The Ridgeway in Wiltshire … from the past into the future…

Creative Wiltshire has been commissioned to produce a web based sound and digital imaging project about the Ridgeway in Wiltshire. The starting point for this project is the set of iconic images created by renowned photographer Fay Godwin held by Wiltshire Council in the Creasey Collection

From high downs to county town
A section of The Ridgeway runs across the high chalk downs of Wiltshire, from the M4 to Avebury, contributions from the full length of The Ridgeway are actively encouraged.

The finished work will be webcast audio and visual experience exhibited as a live interactive installation. Curated new content will be added to it during its run. The web presence will continue long after the physical exhibition has closed. The intention is to begin an audio and visual conversation with the landscape and its people.

From old high way to information superhighway
Content will be curated by Richard White and the Creative Wiltshire team. Soundscapes produced by Wiltshire College music technology students will be linked to clusters of images. People will be encouraged to visit the sites and contribute new sounds and images. The soundscapes will be linked to the landscape so that they can be experienced remotely. Richard White is developing links with artist Ali Pretty who is leading a White Horse Walk in June for the Salisbury International Festival, this will generate further related sound and image assets for both projects.

Interactivity and legacy

The key points on the map will be published and visitors to the installation will be encouraged to visit those places and add to the pool of assets on the web. Whilst the exhibition is live, new images will appear on the slideshow, and will continue to do so after the exhibition period. New work will be curated during the exhibition period.

The location aware app will be developed using AppFurnace to enable people to view images and hear the soundscapes remotely and, GPS technology permitting, ‘in the field’ at the locations. Visitors to those points will be encouraged to add new assets to the resource. The project is using Twitter, Soundcloud and Flickr.


The project invites people to contribute sounds and images to help create this live web-based installation and a webbased resource. The project explores the same almost unbroken section of The Ridgeway that Godwin photographed nearly 50 years ago.

Creative Wiltshire invites anyone with an interest in this old high way to join them for some days of walking, gathering images and sounds. Or just to go out to the key points and gather images and sounds. The team will bring photographers, artists and musicians to the project. Digitised drawings and paintings are welcome as well as digital photographs.

Early walks will identify a number of key points on or near the path. Images and sounds gathered will be tagged to those points. These locations will be published for people to use independently

Sounds from the route may include the voices of walkers and people working, the sounds of animals, weather, machines and the ambient sound on the day. Music Technology students will work with these and other sounds to produce soundscapes connected to key points on the route. The project invites the contribution of soundscape loops by artist from outside Wiltshire College.

Full details of the sound and image gathering activity will be published on the Creative Wiltshire web site along with the key points on the route and uploading guidance.

If you are interested in getting involved in this project contact: