Fay Godwin: Squall near Uffington

A project inspired by Fay Godwin's photographs of The Ridgeway
Thousands of years ago people walked the high hills of Wiltshire bringing new knowledge and new cultures from distant places; trading, migrating, making links and creating new networks they created a path which survives in places to this day.

Fay Godwin: East Kennet Long Barrow
In this project we seek to bring together more new people and ideas, explore that ancient highway and its resonances as we establish and share a new set of links and connections on the web.

To do this we need your help.
Contribute sounds for an app for walkers!

We are building a location aware app this need sounds and soundscapes.
Check out SoundCloud, follow Creative Wiltshire and join theThe Ridgeway Project group and share your sounds!

Link up with walkers using the app and people associated with this project on twitter


Contribute images for the slide show!
Have a look at the reference scans of the Fay Godwin pictures ( we're getting better ones soon!) go for a walk on the Ridgeway and take your own! Then post them to the flickr pool. More info on the image pool page

Link up with walkers using the app and people associated with this project on twitter

Here's a Google map of the entire Ridgeway National Trail
and here's a link to the Ridgway National Trail site loads of really useful stuff here!

As Creative Wiltshire develops the project there is a continuing series of loosely organised walks gathering sounds and images and testing the app:
This project is also linking up with Ali Pretty's project Walking Wiltshires' White Horses with a series of walks June 25 to June 30

Next walks:

Tuesday 26 June with Ali Pretty and Adrian Crocker
more detail here:
Walking Wiltshires White Horses

Image Pool.. detail and advice on uploading images to the photo pool, can upload images anytime and the images do not have to be from one of the walks set up as part of this project

Follow these links to find out more and share your thoughts
Project Journal. this is an open blog for people registered on this wiki...follow the link and click edit top right.
Links and information about the Ridgeway. Register as a member of the wiki and can you help build up the knowledge base. Follow the link and click edit top right.
Fay Godwin photographs ...starting points and inspiration
More about the project.
The Project Plan. dates and details


The project will result in a live web-based installation and a webbased resource. The project explores the same almost unbroken section of The Ridgeway that Fay Godwin photographed 40 years ago. It is supported by Wiltshire College, providing key input from staff, students and former students

Full details of the sound and image gathering activity will be published on the Creative Wiltshire web site along with the key points on the route and uploading guidance. Follow the link to Image Pool

Make an entry in the Project Journal...have you done a walk on the Ridgeway? Are you working up images or sounds for the project? How is it going?

What do you know about The Ridgeway? Share your knowledge, point us towards useful links.

We are using a flickr account to share images for this. More information on image sharing and uploading here.

If you are interested in getting involved in this project contact:

Richard White
01249 465348